About Megan

31 Main Street began as a blog for a married mother of three, Megan Bajorek, to document her kooky endeavors as she went back to college. (*See the original bio below). Then, life changed in 3 seconds, and it became an outlet for something much different.

I am Megan Bajorek.

Mother of three beautiful little ones. Widowed from Scott Bajorek. Writer. Realtor. Member of “Awkward Grief”. PTSD manager. Advocate of #LivefortheReunion.

Time is Precious. Therefore, despite our pain, we must always seek to find joy.


My bio before September 23, 2016:

Hello there!

Thank you for visiting my blog today.

I’m Meg.

I wear a few hats and the transition between them isn’t always smooth. In fact, I’m incredibly awkward in most facets.

My hats include:

🔹Wife (to “Hubby”) 🔹Mom of 3 (“Gracie”, 7; “Elle”, 4; and “Baby J”, 2) 🔹CNA/Nursing Student 🔹 Writer 🔹Health-ish Lifestyle Enthusiast 🔹Dessert Lover 🔹Wine Lover 🔹Dessert Wine Lover (Hey-yo!)

I like finding simple moments within the chaos of this busy life. Sometimes it’s humorous (being 30ish in a class full of millennials) and sometimes it’s serene (watching your 4 year old stop observe and contemplate a flower), but there’s always a reason to be grateful.

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