12 Reasons Why Being the “Old Lady” in Class is ‘da Bomb’…

Let’s just get to it…

1. You actually get to see the hover board in action; as your peer cruises from one building – about 10 yards down – to another building. Such a useful (and not pointless at all) product.
2. Being asked, “Hey, were you old enough to vote in 2012?” is a huge ego boost.
3. Your lab partner has you considering getting a nose ring (again). Maybe a hoop this time like her.
4. You know all about meiosis and sex cell reproduction firsthand, as you have three children for proof.
5. It’s a four hour break from real life- nuff said.
6. It’s like being in your own movie. *Think: “Never Been Kissed”, “21 Jump Street” (or maybe, in my case, 31 Main Street)

7. You actually want to learn this time and don’t feel distracted by the old insecurities of your 20’s.

8. You get to make new friends! (Granted, they’re usually your professors, but hey, a friend is a friend!)
9. You get a great analysis of what “not” to do in raising our own kids. (And to be fair, what to do right as well)
10. Walking the campus is fantastic cardio.
11. Being told, “I thought you were like 22 or 23!” never gets old.

12. You learn that no one ever uses the phrase ‘da Bomb’ any more. (And apparently no one ever really did…)


Author: Live for the Reunion

Once upon a time, I was a happily married nursing student slash mother of three, documenting my schooling endeavors with a sense of humor. Life changed in three seconds. Now, I'm learning how to pick up the pieces, while managing grief and raising babies. Follow me on Social Media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/31MainStreet Instagram: @liveforthereunion Twitter: @megglerock

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