Last Night

I dreamt of you the last night

and I knew it wasn’t true.

I saw your smiling face last night,

woven with years of being you.

You beamed at me, so confident,

and I knew it couldn’t be true,

but your voice, like leaves,

rustled in my ears last night.

Could it be you?

I knew of dream’s deceit last night

I knew it wasn’t true,

Yet, still,

I saw you laugh last night.

Could it be you?

Through words, through imagery,

through pictures of my youth.

I knew it was a dream last night,

but perception is the truth…

For, I thanked God this morning

because through Him, I saw you.


Author: Live for the Reunion

Once upon a time, I was a happily married nursing student slash mother of three, documenting my schooling endeavors with a sense of humor. Life changed in three seconds. Now, I'm learning how to pick up the pieces, while managing grief and raising babies. Follow me on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: @liveforthereunion Twitter: @megglerock

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